About AYIN

AYIN is an international company providing project management and international development consultancy in Ethiopia. AYIN currently focuses in providing technical and Softskills services to major agencies such as EU, GIZ, COMESA LLPI, ARSO, Italian NGO and local public and private beneficiaries. Its nation-wide presence is embodied in the headquarters Addis Ababa with project offices in Gibe III, Gibe IV, and The Renaissance Dam. AYIN is governed by internationalized think tank and is managed by an Executive Director.


Ayin envisages a prosperous Ethiopia exceeding the Sustainable Development commitments by 2030.


To be an Alchemist in evoking a structural transformation to catalyze the development of Ethiopia through capacity building, protection of the environment, private sector development, and creation of strategic partnerships with other entities.


Ayin aims to contribute towards Ethiopia’s sustainable development Goals (SDGs) and aspires to build a generation that esteems education, economic empowerment, environmental protection and equity.


People in our Planet Prosper in Partnership (PPPP)

core Values

People in our Planet Prosper in ParAt Ayin, passion is at the forefront of everything we do. Being a socially responsible organization enables us to provide services that add value to your business and foster a global Ethiopia that render goods, products, and services that meet international standards.tnership (PPPP)